DIY Slip Dress & Trench Jacket | McCalls 6696 & Simplicity 8554

Hello Gems! I have been enjoying my Fall wardrobe makes lately. Creating a cohesive wardrobe has given me a plethora of styling options in my closet, and has filled gaps in my wardrobe I didnt know I had.

With all the pieces that I have made this past month or two, I think this slip dress has been the most versatile. If you don't have one in your closet, ready-to-wear or selfmade I highly recommend it! It is definately a capsule piece.

For this look I used Mccalls pattern 6696 to make my slip. This fabric was awesome! I picked it up from Walmart's craft section and it is a beautiful medium weight olive green satin. I must admit sewing with satin can get slippery but this piece has very few pieces and is a quick make so it wasn't difficult. The dress was cut on a bias and had to hang over night before hemming.

I paired it with this DIY Trench jacket. I used Simpliciy pattern 8554 for this piece. It is the make that keeps on giving!

This fabric and this color....need I say more. I love a rich wine its great for Fall! The fabric has a great drape to it but it also has a little weight to it . I have had this pattern on my radar to make for quite a while and it did not disappoint. This type of jacket is great for curvier figures. Its not boxy and you don't have to worry about gapping buttons. It wraps with a belted tie!

These two pieces so simple, so easy are great versatile pieces for a complete Fall wardrobe. I will definately make these again. They would work great in the Spring in pastels or nudes maybe.😏😘

Thanks for reading! Until next time!