Hi, I am Marcia Spencer, the Owner & Designer of KEECHII BAGS - a chic, luxury line of modern handbags created for the modern everyday women that covets style, holds on to timeless quality and demands attention! 


 I've always had a love for fashion and designing! This was something that was cultivated in me since I was a child. My mother would sew in her spare time and I picked up the craft very quickly! Growing up  I would make my own cloths... anything to express my individuality! I loved bold prints, bright colors, the smell of leather, fringe, simple lines and 70's fashion!  And still today, those things come through in the pieces I create! 


Keechii embodies an Era of undiniable style, confidence and simplicity! And I use bold prints and simple iconic structures to create something I hope you will enjoy and wear with confidence! The brand was born out of a declaration of my individuality and my personal style...But I design and handcraft each pieces to encourage you to "be bold, out loud" and embrace or your own individual style!



Our Vision



Keechii wants to encourage women to be confident in theirselves and express their personal style. Fashion  becomes a vehicle for women to showcase their emotions and express who they are and maybe even who they strive to be.  So be bold and beautiful out loud! Clutch it!


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