Fringe Benefits Suede Clutch and DIY Stevie Nicks Dress

Hello Beautiful! Is it just me of did all little girls looooove purple as a child? I mean, it seemed like all my girlfriends loved purple growing up. While I wasn't my #1 color it was in my top 3 and I have definitely grown to love it more over the years. So when you can find purple in the right shade or in a cool print, its like no other color should ever exist. I mean, they even made a movie about it, "The Color Purple". And who can forget one of the most talented musical artists of the 80's , Prince or the artist formerly know as..., belting out lyrics of purple drops of Rain! So, this week we are paying homage to the beloved color Purple and featuring the Fringe benefits Suede Clutch in no other color but "Purple"! And check out my recreation of one fabulous iconic dress from the 7o's. This cool Stevie Nicks DIY Dress was created from a pattern provided in the Famous Frocks Pattern Collection. With a couple of my own style changes I would say this look came together "Graaaaaape!"