DIY M7235 Bohemian Dress

Hey Guys! Let me start by saying this little number right here almost didn't make the cut!! I worked on her for a couple weeks tweaking, adjusting ... trying to make this dress great! I put away the pattern and when it came time to share couldn't remember which pattern was used. 🤔 However, I absolutley adore the finished product! 🥰

It wasn't the pattern design that did me in though! Love the Mccalls pattern 7235 and love the style. I just had an idea stuck in my head of how I wanted this to look after I finished and it just wasn't quite doing it for me. Soooooo....I tucked and stitched the sleeves inward and made them into a more billowy sleeve which worked great with the super lightweight linen fabric. I tiered the bottom for added deminsion, added a pop of color with trim at the top and a tassel tie at the neck! Voila!!!

Persistence, Patience and love for the craft got me through this one! Love it all the more for it though!!❤😍💪