DIY Skirt | McCalls Pattern M6931: Wear it Two ways

Hello Gems! I've been holding on to this crepe fabric for the longest time trying to decide exactly what I wanted to make out of it. Once I figured it out and decided to start on a project, it doesn't turn out the way I envisioned. I know I'm not the only one! Maybe its poor planning or overthinking, I don't know. BUT, I make it work! And absolutely love the the finished project. This is my story half the time I go into a sewing project that I've been sitting on for a while. But this time, I got a two for one!!

I originally went into this project with the intention to make a skirt pattern. After making a small provision, I came out with a skirt that doubled as a dress. Now, this isn't a complicated skirt nor a intricate provision. It just goes to show, even the smallest change or provision to a project can give you a whole different look!

I added my Mimi G Simplicity Pattern S8890 Jacket for a casual look and added an arm sleeve and pulled the skirt up to make it a dress. Paired it with my Flora Keechii Clutch. And just like that I go from casual to salsa night! Easy Peasy!

The pattern that I used for the skirt was McCalls 6931. It was a pleated devil! But very cute! I actually like wearing the skirt both ways. If I decide to make this pattern again...which I probably will, I would close the splits or only do one split. Will I make it another dress or skirt? I'm not sure. I guess the fabric and vision will determine that. Or not! But I hope you enjoy these two looks from this one pattern!

Until Next Time!