DIY Wrap Top Vintage New Look Pattern 6081 & DIY Gathered Skirt McCalls Pattern 7981

Hello Gems! I usually try to post on Tuesday but with school starting back for my kiddos I've been trying to get them off to a good start and work out my scheduling so that I can continue bringing you guys the scoop on the DIY's each week. Nevertheless, I am back with my most recent look! Which I adore!❤ I just want to keep it real with ya'll. I need real clothes, for my real everyday life that are stylish, comfortable, functional and make it convenient for me to get dressed in the morning. And these two pieces are a great addition to my functional wardrobe.

Lets talk about this top! It is a wrap top made from Vintage New Look pattern 6081. I absolutely love a wrap top or dress. They work well for my figure and most any figure for that matter but this top was such a easy make and essential piece in my wardrobe that I must make more. I didn't have to make any adjustments to this pattern. Based on the size guide I did have to do a little size grading which is normal for most of my makes but wraps are so forgiving and easy to fit. I used a light weight woven fabric. Its a polyester fabric so not much shrinking going on there. There is an inside button closure on the inside that was sort of cumbersome but it works well to keep the inside wrap secure. I have so many plans for future makes for this pattern. If you are able to get your hands on this pattern. Im sure you will love it as much as I do.

Every top deserves a good bottom! So I went with one of the newer McCall pattern 7981 which is a gathered skirt with front pockets. Now, I will be the first one to tell you that I have not had many sucesses with gathered skirts unless they are made from a very light weight drapey fabric! A lot of bulk around my hip and butt area does not flatter me much. I don't really need alot of extra anything there. So I was sort of hesitant about this pattern but I knew that I had to choose just the right fabric to pull it off. And even then, I wouldn't be sure if I would get the product I was looking for. But I love the look of this pattern and the fact that the front pockets were set closer to the front and not at the widest part of my hips which was a plus! Need I say, I loved the result? I feel that I finally found a gathered skirt pattern that flatters me. I used a light weight woven cotton fabic similar to a light weight linen. Its notnstiff and boxy so it worked well. I used extra large buttons they seem to draw the attention in instead of out and I felt as if smaller buttons would sort of get swallowed up in this piece.

Im totally stoked at the way this outfit came together and I look forward to mixing it with other pieces in my wardrobe! I hope this look inspires you! Thats all for now!

Until next post!