Fall Capsule Wardrobe Series | Crochet Knit Dress Butterick Pattern 6678

Hello Gems! Fall is here but the weather is not complying. Its still in the 90's in North Carolina and I am so over it. Shooting Fall capsule pieces in this heat is a mess but the show must go on. This look is another installment to my Fall Capsule Wardrobe series. And I,ve even mixed it up with one of the previous pieces. Just to show you how some of these pieces play well together.

Let me tell you this Fall piece the epitome of boho chic for me! It felt like my second skin when I put it on! If ever there were a look, a mood, an outfit that could capture the essence of my entire being I think I found it in this fabric and in the design and make of this dress. In the threads of this beautiful deep, rich, warm, gold fabric and the simple yet complex textile of the fabric, somewhere, somehow, this dress gave me LIFE!

First let me start by saying, this dress was not the original plan for this fabric. My plan was to construct a sweater with this beautiful crochet knit fabric. However, after some trial and error I decided to scrap my original plan and just go with my feeling.

The fabric was a little too thin and stretchy to give off the look I was going for as a sweater. So, after stepping back and revisiting the project this Butterick Pattern 6678 started speaking to me through this fabric. I just had to do it! And I am sooooo glad I did. I barely made any adjustments to this pattern even though it was designed for woven fabrics and I was using a fabric with stretch. I did go down a size to accommodate for the stretch and I doubled up on the bodice.

The hem and neckline where a little tricky for me because I wanted to have a clean crochet finish so, I didnt want to turn under the hem or have a rolled hem. So I decide to use the raw edges of the fabric to finish the raw edges of the garment since it was a flat finished weave and I would not have to worry about it unraveling.

All and all, this was one of my best makes yet. I am scouring the internet looking for more fabric similar, as I have the urge to re-create this dress in a similar fabric... different color of coarse. This original gold fabric was purchased on a whim, on a trip to Walmart. It caught my eye and now the garment has captured the essence of my being. Hope you Enjoy!!

Until next Time!