Wrap Dress DIY Butterick Pattern 5030

Hey Guys! As someone who has a small toddler I tend "Not" to wear much white on a daily bases! If you have small kids than you know, with little hands grabbing at you all day there is no way you will keep it clean. Nevertheless, I have always loved white and I wanted to get some white in my wardrobe before the summer was over.

I had this white stretch lace fabric that I was anxious to use and decided to go for something easy and breezy like pattern. I love the way it turned out ... I mean you can't go wrong with something classic such as a wrap dress. Honestly though, as much as I admire the dress

I believe this fabric would have done better as a pullover type piece or cardigan. Just saying!

This was a heavier stretch lace and despite it being white and looking summer friendly I would probably wear this in the spring rather than the middle of the summer here in N.C. I nearly passed out during the photo shoot, it was soooo hot out that day!

This will definately be an inside occasion dress during the summertime!!! Hope you enjoy this look!❤😘